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Flying Skateboard

Workshops:  Concentrated "jump-starts"

  • Accelerating Product Development (2 days; customized)
    • Why speed matters and how to accelerate intelligently.  Over 2,000 students at Cal Tech's Institute of Industrial Relations Center have attended.
      • Best use:  Get everyone from top to bottom on the same page for what it takes to accelerate.
  • Team & Project Specific Planning and/or Assessment (1-2 days, project specific)
    • Uses mapping approach to accelerate new projects or assess opportunities in recently completed projects.  Procter & Gamble used this approach to reduce product development cycle time by over 50%.
      • Best use: Focus entire team on specific projects to gain tangible benefits quickly

Consulting Services:  Accelerate implementation with experience

  • Opportunity and Barrier Assessment (2-4 days)
    • Define the top barriers and opportunities for accelerating value creation
      • Best Use:  Prior to launching a Fast Cycle Time improvement effort of significant size/scope
  • Speed Strategy consulting  
    • Defines where to focus acceleration for customer value creation.  Avoids "boiling the ocean" by defining the critical opportunities via new product development portfolio, processes opportunities and organizational design
      • Best use:  To choose quick wins that create immediate value and drive broader adoption
  • Implementation Strategy
    • Design for implementation approach identifies & sequences critical process, structure and behavior changes required to let go of past practices and embrace new approach
      • Best use: First step in implementation is defining a change strategy that address business and politics