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Speed Bumps
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Five Strategies to Accelerate Change

NEW!!  How Fast Cycle Time principles reduce the time it takes to complete large scale change - get fast, faster!

Innovation in Tough Times: Racing Under the Yellow Flag

How speed leaders turn economic downturns into opportunity

How to Become a Fast Cycle Time Competitor - revised 2009

MOST POPULAR ARTICLE ON SITE...  Describes the six fundamental steps companies use to accelerate with plenty of examples. 

Understanding Customer Experience

Harvard Business Review article that shows the importance of managing and measuring your customers experience

How the Right Measures Help Teams Excel

Harvard Business Review article that shows how effective metrics are different than traditonal business metrics and how to use them.

Speed by Magic

How to turn a one-off success into standard operating procedure. 

First Mover or First Loser

Being first has has no value and can cause great damage if the customer value target is missed. 

The Dark Side of Speed

Avoid turning the push for speed into an addictive state of mindless activity.

The Five levers to Speed Innovation

Defines the five elements that drive any business' innovation system.  Based on the research from Relentless Growth, Free Press, 1998.

Using the Five Levers to Assess Your Innovation Practices

Provides a step-by-step guide for assessing your current innovation practices